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Imagine a sofa... it's a soft, textile and cosy object.
Mostly it‘s accompanied by other objects with similar attributes like pillows, rugs and blankets to create a coherent environment.

So why are couch side tables made of materials like steel, glass or wood and diverge so strongly from the overall material palett and aesthetics of a sofa and its sideacts?

This table changes that. It‘s upholstered, covered with fabric and even its tabletop seems soft and calm, due to the circumferential fabric bulge bordering the frosted glass plate.

Its minimal architectural shape makes it fit into every setting and by changing its fabric cover it can be easily adaped to accompany any kind of sofa.

And it's only one of many different concepts for the integration of fabric and upholstery into this product segment.

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Furniture, Upholstery


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