A wireless Lamp

Thanks to its suction cup, Circle can stick almost everywhere. Completely residue free, it can be mounted and dismounted in a matter of seconds!

It receives its energy from a powerful battery, so there is no limitation in positioning it by using sockets. Apparently levitating on walls, ceilings or windows it emits a soft, golden warm light which gets diffused by tiny airbubbles, embetted in the suction cup during the casting process. These bubbles give each lamp a unique fingerprint, and create a smooth, atmospheric flow from brightness to darkness.


Moreover, all the containing parts are easy to dismount, so the lamp can be repaired easily.  This makes it unproblematic to separate the different materials during the recycling process, too.


But this project isn‘t finished jet. Rightnow I‘m constructing a, in a small batch produceable, prototype. The final goal ist to make a pilot run in late summer 2020.  

There were several design approaches made to define which design language suits the character of the lamp best. In the end I decided to build a more minimalistic version of design. It is the first prototype which you will see in the 

following photos. Right now I am focusing more on the economic producibility and technical functionality of the design. Currently a second prototype is under construction.

© 2020 By Lukas Heintschel.