Modern Times

A Stimulus for a New Age
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Our understanding of time changed many times during the ages and often interacted closely with social norms. Too, often the design of clocks mirrored these ideas. Today, our understanding of time is first an economical one. Time is Money.

This idea dates back to the beginning of industrialisation in the early 19th century. Since then, our lives and social structures accelerated massively, leading to various problems ranging from stress related illnesses to social phenomenons like alienation.

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Do we need a new concept of time? How could one look like? How would it affect the design of watches and clocks? Modern Times abandons seamingly rigid clock design conventions and frees itself from the obsolete symbolism of contemporary watches. Through questioning classic watch design, Modern Times encourages us to rethink our personnel relation to time.


In this clock, the time, symbolized by a lightdot, runs around the wrist. One cycle equals one day, while the vertex is midday. Opposite to it, where the wristband is joined lies midnight. The LED, a metaphoric sun, changes its color during the day from a warm golden midday light to a cool blueish neon light at midnight.

Furthermore, Modern Times also tracks various body parameters of its wearer and the subjective time experience by changing its display color from a deep black to a foggy white. So during each day, the light dot leaves a unique trace on the wristband.