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Neozoon - Brand & Packaging

Wrapped in light and shadow

The brand & packaging design of Neozoon is strongly inspred by the generall concepts, features and aethetics of the lamp itself. For example, the name "Neozoon" is a special biological term, meaning animals that venture into new habitats where they've not been before, just like this lamp does. The logo resembles a sun or an attached Neozoon lamp and is designed by turning and aligning the first letter of the name. Like the lamp, the logo is not bound to concepts like up or down.

The almost black and white packaging design of Neozoon makes it instantly clear that this product is all about light. Its also, just like the lamp, mostly monochromatic and its minimal elegance and hight quality paper communicates the premium quality of the product, too.

Branding, Packaging Design, Art Direction, Sourcing



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