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This lamp embodies the pre-cycling approach and minimizes waste material in manufacturing. Although only little changes to the raw material and basic geometrical shape have been made, the result is a sophisticated product. This also helps to cut production costs, time and energy consumption in manufacturing. 


This lamp is only made of four components (aluminum tube, stone base, stone top, e14 bulb with cable) as well as two screws and is based on the basic geometrical shape of a cylinder. The aluminum tube is cut open in a way that the resulting edge can be used straight away to produce the next one. The stone components are designed in a way that they can be just cut off a single long rod, too.


The lamp is also desiged using the cradle-to-cradle approach and can be offered in other materials (concrete, lacquered steel, etc.) as well.

Client: /

Year: 2023

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