Yoghurt Spoon

A spoon that prevents 

food waste

The edge of this spoon mimics the inner contour of the yoghurt glas from the organic dairy company Andechser Natur. 

With a regular spoon, it‘s nearly impossible to get all the yogurt out of the glas, with this spoon you can get even the very last scraps of yogurt. This helps to prevent foodwaste and it‘s also raising awarenes about the topic. 


The spoon is a gift for certain customers and is sold in organic grocerys.

It is produces out of recycled PET bottles to get a smaller carbon foodprint, which was very important for the client.

Furthermore, I didn‘t just design the spoon but also choose the manufacturing partner. We decided that an aluminium mold would be best because we needed only a small batch, but the size of the logo type endangered it to wear of soon. That‘s why we made it out of steel and inserted it into the aluminium mold.

We desiged the contour of the insert like the contour of the logo and polished it, too. So the inevitable edge between the the insert and the rest of the form became a design detail. Also, I designed the product so that the demolding edge could be one the sharp contour of the spoon, so it isn‘t visible at all.