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Lukas Heintschel is an award winning designer currently based in Munich, Germany. 

Shortly after finishing his studies in Industrial- & Product-Design at Munich University of Applied Sciences he founded his own design studio Lukas Heintschel Design.

He also co-founded the lighting brand Neozoon and is a jury member of the LUXI Design Award. Also, he was named as one of twelve upcoming design talents 2023 by the AW-magazine.

His designs aim to give people a little smile in their day to day life. They follow the cradle-to-cradle approach and combine playful details and usability concepts with calm, iconic shapes.

Awards & Exhibitions

Stascheg Award for Entrepreneurship/ Pure Talents Contest 2022 Nominee/ VDI Ingenieurskunst Award/ one&twenty Nominee / one&twenty Winner/ LUXI 21 Winner/ LAMP Winner, Category Pendant/ LAMP Winner Overall Category Winner, Manufactured/ Isola Design Award, Smart Living and Mobility, Nominee / Isola Design Award, Furniture, Nominee/ Design PLUS by light+building, Winner/ one&twenty Exhibition during Milan Design Week 2022 / IMM Pure Talents digital exhibition 2022/ Winner‘s Exhibition at DesignWerkSchau Munich 2022/ Ambiente Talents Exhibition 2023/ Ambiente Trends Exhibtion 2023 / AED Neuland Award 2023 / German Design Newcomer Award Nominee 2023

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Process & Services

1. Partner

Understanding each other is fundamental to every successful project. Together, we‘ll lay the foundation for our future collaboration and look at the specific needs of your enterprise.

R&D Workshops / Collaborative Briefings / Brand Analysis

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2. Discover

By using different research techniques as well as rapid prototyping we‘ll collect in-depth insights about relevant needs both of your customers and brand as well as possible opportunities and solutions.

Trend Research / Portfolio Analysis / Market and Competitor Analysis / Material & Technological Research / Mock-Ups

3. Define

We‘ll transform the insights discovered in the previous step into a variety of concepts and define specific needs like functionality and aesthetics for our project. 

Concept Generation / Color & Material / Design Language / Rapid Prototyping


4. Refine

Together, we'll select concepts to move forward with and dive into details, create multiple iterations and test them with prototypes to find the best possible solution.

Hight End Visualization / Functional Prototypes / Apperance Modells / Mechanical Engineering

5. Realize

Successfully transfering a prototype into serial production can be challenging. We‘ll support our clients during the whole manufacturing process and also provide contacts to leading photographers and filmmakers.

Design for Manufacturing / Prototyping / Sourcing / Art Direction

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