Lukas Heintschel is an award winning designer

currently based in Munich, Germany. In his work, he seeks to create products that give people a little smile in their everyday life and change our homes and environments into more interactive, playful and fun places to live in. With a strong focus on sustainability, he designed his products for a circular economy following the cradle-to-cradle approach.


He is also part of the Isola Design Community, the VDID and was shortlisted among the "worlds finest design talents 2021" by the German Design Council.


Being the founders and the creative mind behind the lighting Startup Neozoon, he is also quite familiar with manufacturing processes, marketing, sales and generally speaking all disciplines surrounding the creation and launch of new products.


With his hands-on expertise from the fields of design, engineering, manufacturing and business development he also helps other Startups getting their feet on the ground.



+49 (0) 170 789 3775

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