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In our fast changing world, we design and develope products to last, products to make our everyday life more joyfull and focus on the potential and chances of a circular economy, driven by curiosity, instinct, technical knowhow and a lean startup culture.


Lukas Heintschel (*1995) is an award-winning product designer with a strong focus on lighting design, furniture and consumer electronics. After finishing his Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design at the Munich University of Applied Sciences he took part in an educational program of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship while co-founding the lighting startup „Neozoon". A little later, he also started his own studio. His works follow the Cradle-to-Cradle approach and lay a strong focus on sustainability, recyclability and repairability. His designs combine playful, interactive user experiences with minimal, iconic shapes and carefully selected materials.


Imagine what the world could be like

By adding objects to the world, we‘re changing it and therefore we have the responsibility to change it into a better place! So when we embed our ideas, ideals and dreams into the objects we create, we make them more present in the world.


Let‘s imagine a kinder, more human, more responsible, more joyful, more beautiful and more sustainable world together.

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