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heron Chair

The heron-chair  combines a classic, timeless aesthetic with a contemporary minimalism. It's part of a collection that also includes a table and a sideboard. The chair is designed to fit every space while also adding something special. The heavy appearance of the material is contrasted by an elegant, flowing and almost organic design that is both calm as well as extraordinary and iconic. The forward leaning backrest literally "pushes" people closer together, creating a confined, intimate space at the table.

Besides being a beautiful piece of seating furniture, the chair also incorporates practical features. For example the iconic cut out in the backrest doubles as a handle to help carrying the chair around with only one hand.

The chair is made of native, solid oak wood that is cut in a sustainable, responsible way and also manufactured by local craftspeople in Romania.


Besides the natural oak finish, it's also available in several colors and in a cushioned version, too. All fabrics are made from up-cycled materials and are produced with a focus on sustainability, too. The combination of timeless design, sustainable forestry and high-end craftsmanship results in a collection of contemporary heirlooms with a sublime, minimalistic elegance.


The collection is named after the bird „heron“ as it embodies the sublime, light elegance, flowing shape and strong connection to nature that makes this furniture collection so special.

Client: Carel Woodworks

Year: 2022-2023

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