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heron Credenza

This solid oak sideboard focuses on elegant minimalism combined with a distinct, calm presence. Its concavely carved top side seems to flow into the wall behind it and gives it an iconic, easily recognizable appearance.

Moreover, the edge in the front serves as a handle to open the cabinet.

This results in a design that is both calm and present, minimal and extraordinary.


Furthermore, the design of the cabinet enables you to put several pieces of furniture next to each other.


The wood is for this sideboard is cut in a responsible manner and it is available in natural oak.

The timeless, minimal design of the sideboard and its flexibility as a architectural building element in combination with sustainable forestry, high-end craftsmanship and a long-lasting, well aging material results in a sideboard that can be used for generations, has a low carbon footprint doesn't contain any harmful materials.

Client: Carel Woodworks

Year: 2022-2023

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