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Sonderzeichen is a tile collecion inspired by markings found and collected at public construction sites all over Munich. 

The tiles on those public places have been sprayed with a variation of different symbols to indicate, for example, gas or water pipes or to show where something needs to be removed or replaced. From time to time, those sprayed tiles get lifted and put back in a different pattern, creating new, abstract symbols.


The Sonderzeichen project interprets these phenomena in a tile collection for private spaces. The colours used for marking and the dimensions of the tiles are the same as those found on most public places in Munich, but the material has been changed from gray concrete to white stoneware. The tiles are marked with symbols found on construction sites and are re-arranged afterwards. This deconstructivistic approach creates new, random symbols that look like contemporary hyroglyphs or signs from an unknown language.

Client: /

Year: 2023

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